Although of us have become acquainted with the famous rainbow banner, there are additionally other
LGBQT+ flags
that every portray the different gender, sexuality, attraction, and gender diversities within our fabulous community


Even in the event the majority of queer men and women determine with the rainbow flag it self, lots of additionally aspire to travel their particular flag alongside it. Because, y’all, representation is crucial!

One flag is the
Bisexual Pride Flag
– a banner you will already have observed flown any kind of time amount of pleasure celebrations around the world, from
Puerto Vallarta
…and everywhere in-between!

individual is someone that is intimately attracted to both women and men. Bisexuality may also be interpreted as a person with intimate or intimate destination to prospects aside from their intercourse or sex identity, just how this can be known a lot more particularly as pansexuality.

Michael webpage created the bisexual satisfaction banner in 1998 supply the bisexual community a symbol that has been similar to the homosexual pride rainbow banner.
He aimed to increase visibility towards bisexual
community, because bi-erasure is actually a proper thing – and is also arguable equally huge a problem then because it’s today.

The bisexual flag has actually three shades. Here is what all of them suggest:

  • Pink shows same-gender appeal.
  • Blue represents intimate interest towards face-to-face gender. In the example of
    men and women, it describes intimate attraction to a new sex.
  • Purple (the overlap between green and blue) signifies intimate destination to several genders.