SONIC WAVES LLC has been issued registration no. 3559947 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office at for the trademark SONIC WAVES for the following lines of commerce:

IC 009. US 021 023 026 036 038. G & S: Musical sound recordings; Audio recordings featuring music; Downloadable musical sound recordings; Pre-recorded CDs, video tapes, laser disks and DVDs featuring music; Pre-recorded digital media featuring music; Pre-recorded electronic media music; Digital materials, namely, recordings featuring music; Prerecorded audio cassettes featuring music; Prerecorded audio tapes featuring music; Prerecorded digital audio tape featuring music. FIRST USE: 19991010. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19991010

IC 041. US 100 101 107. G & S: Entertainment, namely, live performances by a musical band; Entertainment, namely, live performances by musical bands; Music composition and transcription for others; Music composition for others; Music production services; Music publishing services; Music selection services for use in TV, film, radio and video games; Music transcription for others; Planning arrangement of showing movies, shows, plays or musical performances; Post-production editing services in the field of music, videos and films; Presentation of musical performance; Production of sound and music video recordings; Providing facilities for movies, shows, plays, music or educational training; Teaching in the field of music; Consultation and advice regarding musical selections and arrangements for sound recordings and live performances; Editing or recording of sounds and images; Production of sound and image recordings on sound and image carriers; Production of sound recordings; Sound recording studios; Audio and video recording services; Audio recording and production; Record master production; Record production; Recording studio services; Recording studios; Entertainment in the nature of visual and audio performances, namely, musical band, rock group, gymnastic, dance, and ballet performances; Providing audio or video studios. FIRST USE: 19991010. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19991010

IC 042. US 100 101. G & S: Computer services, namely, digital formatting and compression of music and images, namely, processing of digital music and video images into downloadable products; Computer services, namely, uploading music to the Internet for others; Development and design of digital sound and image carriers. FIRST USE: 19991010. FIRST USE IN COMMERCE: 19991010

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