Our Process

Gather information

Through phone, email, exchange of written material, or whatever is best for you, we learn everything pertinent about the people, company, and the message you want conveyed in the video.

Develop the Concept

First, we want to hear ideas and desires you have about your video, if any. We add our experience and ideas and arrive at an overall Concept for the video.

Story Board

We illustrate our Concept in an easy-to-understand Story Board form. It’s a chart with two columns; on the left is Audio (whatever the audience will be hearing; voice narration, music, etc.) on the right is the Visual (whatever is being displayed while the Audio is being heard…. video footage, still photos, charts, art, etc.)

You Review

We present the Story Board to you, explain it, get input from you, and you have the option to change, alter, edit, delete at this point.

Take One!

After making any changes you requested, we are ready for a “dress rehearsal”. We prepare a preliminary recording of the basic content and make it available for you to review.


This is your final chance to make changes, re-write, edits or tweaks, if any.

Mixed & Mastered

Sonic Waves video equipmentWe process any final changes you requested and put it all together. Your production will be professionally mixed and mastered and delivered to you. Most commonly, as a h.264 Quick Time file, which is the preferred format for use on web sites, YouTube, and Social Media.